The Top 10 Best Coffee for Keurig

We all know that brewing methods are constantly changing and evolving. They are being modernized over time, and there are numerous new things in the art of coffee brewing. One of the latest and most popular inventions of today’s coffee industry is the Keurig machine and the best coffee for Keurig brewers are really trending.

It is a great, beginner-friendly machine that extracts coffee nicely. However, finding the best k-cups for your machine is a whole other thing. Keurigs are a quick way of having a high-quality coffee in your cup, but this can’t be the case with all Keurig compatible K-cups. This is exactly why you need a list of the best coffee for Keurig options you can possibly find.

We did the research and we know that you should get the best value for your money while getting a fresh, flavorful coffee in the mornings.

So, if you are in need of suggestions for the best coffee for Keurig, here are some suggestions of brands and roasts for your machine. From flavorful to light and strong coffees – we have suggestions on everything. Scroll down to find the best one for your needs:

1. Green Mountain Light Roast Coffee – The best coffee for Keurig in general!

The thing about the Green Mountain Light Roast is that it is great for those who have trouble after drinking too strong and acidy coffee. For those, the Green Mountain Light Roast offers a light version with just the right amount of caffeine to get your day to start.


  • Convenient packaging
  • Fresh taste
  • Beautiful aroma
  • Suitable for Keurig brewers


  • Might be too weak for strong morning-coffee lovers

What we really love about it is that the k-cup blend, in general, is a light roast, and it comes in a great, coffee-lover perfect package. In a single package, you get 24 pods, which are basically less than a month’s reserve.

Also, Green Mountain as a brand is really reliable and renowned, which is why you know that you can expect nothing but pure coffee in it, with a natural and rogue flavour.

Best coffee for Keurig in general

2. Gevalia Signature Blend – The runner up best coffee for Keurig

The Gevalia signature bland is a really great buy for those who are looking for a cheap yet quality blend. It is bright and somewhat light, but it has some amazing touches of citrus, perfect for the dark mornings when you can’t seem to wake up.


  • Helpful instructions for beginners on package
  • Rich taste
  • Really fresh coffee
  • Different sizes and flavours to choose from


  • Not eco-friendly packaging
  • Minor problems with some k-cups

Also, we’d suggest this blend for those who are regular coffee drinkers. Although they taste rich, they aren’t really acidy nor strong, so, you’ll avoid the coffee-overdose discomforts. It is practically impossible to overdose on the Gevalia!

The package of Gevalia Signature Blend is pretty mild, made with 100% Arabica coffee beans. It contains 18 k-cups which are compatible with Keurig machines, so you don’t have to worry about that. When used with Keurig machines, the taste is well-extracted and the coffee feels absolutely amazing.

Second best coffee for Keurig

3. Laughing Man Colombia Huila

Unlike the previous two choices, the Laughing Man Colombia Huila is the best coffee for Keurig machine owners who like their coffee strong. Of course, this is a really robust-tasting coffee and when you brew it, you have a heavy-bodied coffee.


  • Strong and tasty coffee
  • Eco-friendly k-cups
  • High-quality beans used only
  • Great instructions on package


  • Not the best choice for heavy coffee drinkers

Nevertheless, the Laughing Man Colombia Huila will bring a smile to your face in the morning as it tastes amazing. It has bright notes of lime and bergamot, and it is the perfect choice of a strong coffee you possibly need

What we really love about the company altogether is that it is Earth-friendly. They make their coffee in disposable and eco-friendly k-cups. This means, that all while you drink nice, fresh and tasty coffee, you won’t be harming the environment. And, considering the low price they come at, it is absolutely a win-win situation.

4. Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic Decaf

If you enjoy drinking coffee but for some reasons you must drink decaf coffee, we have suggestions for you too. Although the Green Mountain blend is decaf, it is still great-tasting and will be extremely helpful for coffee lovers in general.


  • Great decaf option
  • Numerous sizes to choose from
  • Delicious and rich, extra bold coffee


  • People felt inconvenience due to recent repackaging and redesign of the product

You probably noticed that this isn’t the first time Green Mountain appears on this list. This is exactly how great their products are. Their dark magic decaf coffee is no less. The blend has a wonderful, almost mouth-watering flavor, even if it doesn’t have caffeine in it at all. As the name suggests, the blend is simply magical, and you cannot possibly go wrong by choosing it.

Decaf best coffee for Keurig

5. The Original Donut Shop Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

If you think that you need something strong in the morning, the Original Donut Shop is the perfect brand for you. The type we are offering specifically – is the Extra Bold one. These k-cup pods are great for those who cannot get enough coffee, which is why they have more caffeine than regular pods.


  • Made from high-quality Arabica beans
  • Perfect extraction with Keurig brewers
  • Extra-strong coffee


  • Not a great choice for beginner coffee drinkers

More importantly, they are especially designed to work with Keurig brewers. When used with Keurig brewers, they offer high-quality coffee, as the brewer gives just the right grind and extraction of the pods.

We really love them because they are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a cup of coffee to give them enough buzz, without being bitter or too acidy. Of course, you can add creams and milk in the coffee, but believe us – the taste is just perfect the way it is.

Most strong best coffee for Keurig

6. Caribou Coffee Blend

If you don’t like too strong coffees but light coffees aren’t enough for you – we have a set of k-cups that are just in the middle. The Caribou blend might just be the choice for you. You can choose from numerous sizes – ranging from 60 to 100 pieces in a package too. Just make a pick according to your own storage and needs.


  • Big-bodied flavour
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Convenient packaging
  • Numerous flavours to choose from


  • Bittersweet chocolate taste might be too much for some people

Also, depending on your own preference, you can choose between the different types of tastes. You have the Caramel Hideaway, the Caribou Blend (which we especially like), the Mahogany, the Medium Roast, the Obsidian and many others to choose from.

All of these are incredibly tasty, and they smell delicious! You cannot possibly go wrong by choosing either one, as they are all well-made from carefully chosen coffee beans with great origins.

7. Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Coffee

Although many people don’t agree, coffee and cinnamon go great. Especially when you put such flavours in coffee. Unlike other brands that lose the coffee taste and all you have in your cup are flavours, with the case of Cinnabon, the situation is far from that. Using the Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon coffee, you’ll get amazing tasting coffee from your Keurig brewer in just a few seconds.


  • Great balance of flavours
  • Impeccable aroma and taste
  • Just the right amount of strong


  • Contains artificial flavours

Although the Cinnabon is a light roast, it still offers a strong taste that will keep you awake during the day. The coffee, in general, is medium-bodied which gives you the buzz you need in the morning.

If you like to try out different flavours of coffee – this is definitely the brand to go with. After all, Cinnabon is a pretty reliable brand where you get kosher coffee that tastes nice and is rather healthy. The Arabica coffee in the k-pods originates in the mountains of West Sumatra, Indonesia. All in all, it has Cinnabon’s signature frosting taste and texture, which will surely amaze you It also comes in different sizes you can choose from 24, 72 k-cups in a package.

8. Barista Prima Decaf Italian Roast

When it comes to good coffee – you know that Italy is the country. Luckily for you, you can now get an Italian decaf roast from one of the most reputable brands – Barista Prima.


  • Tastes like real coffee
  • Really budget-friendly
  • Smooth and strong taste


  • Not a great aftertaste

As the name suggests, you’ll get premium-quality coffee. So even if you cannot drink or handle caffeine, it still doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the taste. With the 24 k-cups in a single package, you can enjoy all about your wonderful Keurig coffee maker. The coffee is pretty bold and has a rich taste and aroma, much like real, caffeinated coffee.

Many people won’t even be able to notice the difference. So, if you need a decaf option for your coffee maker – this one is it.

9. Eight O’Clock – The Original

If you are one of those people who keep drinking coffee throughout the day, this is the perfect choice of k-cups. You can totally use the k-cups on your Keurig machine, and we really love how full-bodied the coffee it is with them.


  • Nice, medium blend
  • Different sizes to choose from
  • Great recipes available for different types of coffee
  • Reputable company with a long history


  • Although the coffee is strong, it still has less caffeine than other k-cups

Besides this, the Eight O’Clock The Original are certified by the Orthodox Union as being Kosher, so you know that you can expect nothing less than good quality. After all, they are made with 100 percentage Arabica coffee, giving the rich taste and aroma you need throughout the day.

Although there is only one flavour you can get these k-cups in, there are numerous sizes to choose from. Depending on how often you drink coffee and how much you need, you can get packages ranging from 72 k-cups to 360 k-cups in a box. Obviously, the more you get, the better the price you get for them, so, you can get a deal perfect for your budget and your coffee-needs.

10. Death Wish K-Cups

Although last on our list – the Death Wish Keurig-compatible k-cups are far from worst. In fact, we left out some of the best k-cups as last.

As you probably already know, the Death Wish is by far the strongest type of coffee on the coffee market. Although they are also some of the priciest k-cups, we truly recommend them because they give the best cup of coffee that you need when you want to be woken up, focused and on the move.


  • Strong and nice tasting coffee
  • Reliable brand with a proven reputation
  • Great customer service


  • Considerably more expensive than other types of k-cups

You should know that the Death cups are compatible with both Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0, as well as coffee machines from other popular brands.

Moreover, the flavour besides being with a smooth and bold taste has a note of chocolate and cherry that is not too acidy and not too watery either.

The coffee is made with USDA certified and Fair Trade beans, meaning they come from the best sources and they are carefully picked.

Last but not least – the capsule has a nice design, and regardless of how it looks – it is also recyclable. So, you drink coffee while caring for the environment.

Conclusion – Which are the best coffee for Keurig for you?

Choosing the best coffee for Keurig machines can sometimes be hard. After all, Keurig is one of the most popular coffee maker brands. This is exactly why coffee pod manufacturers tend to bring the pods closer to the public, by making them Keurig compatible.

Nevertheless, if you want to choose the best ones for you, simply go over the list above and make your pick. Either one you choose, you won’t regret it.


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