Rancilio Rocky Review – Grind To Perfection!

If you are someone who enjoys the taste of fresh coffee in the morning then you probably either own or you’re planning on getting a coffee grinder. Grinding your coffee at home can dramatically improve your coffee experience. Just think of the smell of freshly grind coffee in the morning, priceless. Even though it might take some additional time when preparing your cup of coffee, it surely is worth every second. There are two types of coffee grinders, burr grinders and blade grinders. Burr grinders are a far better option because they grind each bean evenly – much like the one our Rancilio Rocky review is about.

That ensures that there is no difference in taste and it eliminates the bitterness. Choosing the right burr grinder is one of the key factors that determine your coffee quality. That is why we have a great suggestion today that might meet your needs. In our Rancilio Rocky review, we’ll have a closer look of some of its key features, pros, cons and all you need to know before buying this model. So stay tuned because things are about to get very interesting!


  • High longevity: these machines are built to last
  • High quality steel burrs
  • A large variety of grind settings
  • Very quiet
  • Compatible with a bunch of brew sizes


  • Might have problems adjusting the grind settings when the beans are in the hopper or the power is off
  • Somewhat pricey for a home grinder

Rancilio Rocky Overview

The Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder is considered to be amongst the top coffee grinders in the coffee world. It has found its way on a lot of top 10 lists mainly because of its great qualities, with dependability and consistency being some of the key ones. This amazing black and stainless steel coffee grinder will make a great addition to your coffee brewing experience. It features two flat steel burrs along with 55 grind settings. These settings give you the opportunity to produce some of the coarsest and finest coffee grounds ever. This machine is highly recommended for those people who strive to find the perfect grind. It is very precise and it will leave you amazed with all of its grind settings.

Key Factors to Take Into Consideration Before Buying

Before you go and make the purchase, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. Some key factors that should directly affect your decision. Here are a few:


The heart and soul of every good grinder are the burrs. You should look to get ceramic or steel burrs. Ceramic burrs last longer but are also more expensive, on the other hand, steel burrs are cheaper and easier to replace but also don’t last as long as ceramic ones. Another difference-maker, even though a very minor one is whether the grinder uses flat or conical burrs. Conical burrs are slightly better, but also a bit more expensive. However, it doesn’t make a lot of difference and it is not worth stressing about it. Both will do a good job.

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Hopper Size

This is another key factor you need to take into consideration. It might be tempting to go for the biggest possible size, but be wary. You don’t want your beans to stay in the hopper and possibly get stale. Make sure you determine the maximum amount of beans that you can grind at once. Also, make sure that your grinder can handle the amount. That way you’ll know exactly how much you need and won’t have to worry about your beans getting stale.

What’s Your Brew Type?

This is also another key factor that you need to take into consideration. From the fine powder grind meant for Turkish coffee, to a medium-coarse grind for a Chemex, all the way to a coarse grind for French press, it is important to know your brew type. Once you get the hang of it and find the perfect grind for your favourite brewing method, you’ll have a better coffee experience. Usually, a good sign that a grinder is a top-level is the number of grind settings it has. The more grind levels you have, the more precise you can be in finding the perfect grind for your favourite brew method.

Key Features of the Rancilio Rocky

The possibilities with the Rancilio Rocky are truly vast. The Rancilio Rocky possesses a lot of grind settings and in addition to that, it produces a very even grind. This coffee grinder will enhance your coffee brewing experience and at the same time will increase the quality of your cup of coffee. Another great thing that we must mention is the fact that the motor of the Rancilio Rocky is very quiet. This is extremely helpful because you don’t want to make a lot of noise and wake up everyone in the house once you turn it on. Furthermore, the Rancilio Rocky is a good quality coffee grinder that is built to last.

Before hitting the stores every model of the Rancilio Rocky is tested. The test usually consists of grinding coffee beans in it, all to make sure that the product is at the level it is supposed to be. There were a few cases where leftover “testing”  coffee grounds were found in packages. It is also smart to hold onto the Rancilio Rocky manual because chances are high that you’ll need to replace individual parts before you replace the whole thing, because like we said, it is built to last.

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Longevity and Maintenance of the Rancilio Rocky

Like we mentioned in our Rancilio Rocky review above, the Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder is made to last. This machine features two identical commercial-grade burrs. Both are 50mm thick, made of steel and are flat. Furthermore, it features a hopper that is large enough to contain half a pound of beans. The hopper is also tinted blue in order to protect the beans from UV rays. The Rancilio Rocky is designed to be consistent and stable, for that purpose, it features an overheating override. This feature will ensure that the machine will shut itself down if the motor starts to overheat.

As far as cleaning and maintenance go, the Rancilio Rocky is very simple to take apart. This makes cleaning very easy and accessible. Even though this machine is built to last, it will still need a bit of attention. Make sure you clean and calibrate the grinder once every six months or a year. This depends on how frequently you plan to use the machine. For more information on how to clean and calibrate the Rancilio Rocky check out the manual.

rancilio rocky review


We’ve gotten to the end of our Rancilio Rocky review and we can safely conclude that we’re talking about a reliable and consistent coffee grinder. Even though it might be pricey for a home grinder, it will pay for itself in the long run if you consider the fact that these machines are built to last. Furthermore, it has some great features and a lot of grind settings to satisfy even the pickiest coffee brewers. In addition to that, it is very quiet which is quite rare in a coffee grinder.


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