Organic Sumatra Coffee Review

Are you in need of a unique and rich tasting organic coffee? Do you want to keep your health at a top-notch level while enjoying the beautiful mornings with a warm cup of joe in your hands? If so, keep on reading our Organic Sumatra Coffee review. We sure have a lot to share.

True coffee-lovers know the value of having a high-quality coffee at home, and it is a really worthy investment too. After all, instead of going to a coffee shop to overpay for your coffee, you get to have it in the comfort of your home. But not all home-brewing coffees are excellent. There are many shady manufacturers that will try to slip you something of low quality while demanding a high price.

By continuing to read our Organic Sumatra Coffee review, you ensure that you know exactly what you are getting by getting this coffee. We loved it, but keep on reading to see if you’ll love it too.


  • Great taste for a Sumatran coffee
  • Chocolate aftertaste
  • Amazing origin
  • USDA and Fair Trade Certified
  • 100% Arabica Coffee


  • Should always be stored away from heat, light, air or moisture, in an air-tight container

Why Sumatran Coffee?

Although many people have tried different kinds of coffee, trying a Sumatran one is still a really unique experience. This is because Sumatran coffee has different characteristics which originate from its wet hulling process. The coffee has muted flavors and aromas because of the modified natural processing method and extended drying time.

This is why, almost all Sumatran coffees have a full body, low acidity and they are really rich in taste. Also the aromas and flavors they have can vary from: earthy, spicy, wild, mossy and sometimes even mushroomy.

However, we also noticed that each coffee drinker might have a different experience with Sumatran coffee. Some find it really tasty whereas others say it tastes like shoes. But, all can confirm that the beverage has a really rich taste.

Features of the Organic Sumatra Coffee

There are few things that can describe this coffee. For instance, it has e peppery texture and a chocolaty aftertaste which makes it amazing. It is an overall bold coffee with slight vegetal notes. Of course, this isn’t’ such a big surprise since this taste is pretty common for coffee originating in the region.


However,what we instantly noticed about the bold bodied coffee is that it is a really strong one for a medium roasted coffee. As such, it has a sweet finish, but it will surely give you the buzz you need to wake up. Thanks to its rich taste, it will feel like one cup is never enough.

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The first thing that you notice about the quality of the coffee are its certifications. For instance, this rich-tasting coffee is really healthy, it is even USDA Certified as being Organic. This means that throughout the process of growing the coffee plants and their processing, no herbicides, pesticides, insecticides or other harmful chemicals have been used. We know that many companies use such chemicals to affect the taste, but what you are getting with the Organic Sumatra coffee is nothing but natural yet high quality.

Besides this, the Organic Sumatra coffee is also a Fair Trade certified Sumatran coffee. As such, you can expect it to have top-notch quality, in every single batch.

The coffee has also been on the market for quite some time. This is why it got it’s Fair Trade and USDA Organic certifications back in 2012. Ever since then, you know that this brand and this coffee will never disappoint you.

Organic Sumatra Coffee


This bold and flavorful coffee originates from a single place –Central Aceh, Northern Sumatra. The coop that produces this impeccable organic coffee is made up of 890 members and growers, all of which dedicate themselves to producing high-quality coffee in organic farms. It is made by the most experienced coffee-producing cooperatives in the region of Northern Sumatra.

Specifically, we should mention that where they grow it in Central Aceh, Northern Sumatra, the coffee is grown at an altitude of 1200 – 1500 meters. This is why, the coffee features varietals of Bourbon, Catimor, Typical and Caturra.

More importantly, thanks to the well-developed technique of growing coffee, the farmers use Wet Hulling processes and they are sun-drying the coffee. The coffee is being harvested from September to May, and it is exported from October to June. This is why, you’ll always get great origin coffee, with a nice flavor profile and an amazing quality.

How to keep your coffee fresh

In order to keep your Organic Sumatra coffee fresh, as stated above, you need to keep it away from all moisture, air, light or heat. It is recommended that you use an airtight container made from glass, metal or ceramic. You should not use paper or wooden containers as they absorb the moisture that the coffee naturally has. Also, you should avoid putting it somewhere too cold, like a refrigerator or a freezer. It extracts the moisture and the flavor of the coffee in general.

Also, don’t put it in a shelf or somewhere near something that has a too strong flavor. The coffee might absorb the flavor or aroma, and this can lead to a really disastrous tasting or smelling coffee.

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If you want to try out some of the most unique types of coffees – Sumatran is the best way to go. It is luxurious, rich-tasting and it has an amazing after-taste as well. Just make sure that you pick the right one, as some might really disappoint you. Luckily, the Organic Sumatra Coffee surprised us positively.


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