Organic Peruvian Coffee – Stone Street Review

If you like to be a real coffee connoisseur, you cannot go by in your life without trying Peruvian coffee. Especially organic Peruvian coffee. This coffee might be “too-much” for some people, but in the end, it is something worth trying at least once in your life. After all, Peru is known for providing the world with some of the most distinguished coffees. So, if you want to find your best coffee that will be a pleasure for all your senses – make sure to try organic Peruvian coffee.

But which one you ask? It’s simple – Stone Street offers the absolute best Organic Peruvian coffee in the world. We’ve done a review on it. We tested it, analyzed it and wrote an article about it, as it is so popular. We simply had to try out. After long examinations, here is everything you need to know about all organic Peruvian coffee types, and especially about the Stone Street one:


  • Really nice and humble company
  • Different sizes and types to choose from
  • Certified organic
  • Rich taste and aroma
  • Roasted in small batches


  • Somewhat pricey

Why Organic Peruvian Coffee

Many people consider Peruvian coffee to be a mildly acidy coffee. However, although it might be such for some people, it is still full-bodied, aromatic and flavorful. When you get an organic Peruvian coffee however, you ensure that you get the best possible quality coffee from Peru. It means that you are getting coffee that’s been naturally grown – often in the shades of higher mountains. Also, it means that the coffee hasn’t been grown using any harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides or insecticides.

Another thing you should know regarding organic Peruvian coffee is that many companies use it in dark roast blends and as a base for flavored coffees. This doesn’t mean that you cannot drink it pure, but it means that sometimes adding a flavor to it might just do the trick. You should also know that the best Peru coffees are subtly exceptional. They are light and levitating with a vanilla-nut-toned sweetness that deserves appreciation as a distinctive specialty origin.

Stone Street Coffee as a brand to be loyal to

One of the brands that keep on surprising us is the Stone Street Coffee. At first, we thought they only offered nicely-packaged coffee for hipsters. Turns out, they offer high-quality nicely packaged coffee.

In fact, Stone Street Coffee is one of those coffee companies that you take for granted, but when you really look into it, you notice how great they are. They offer artisanal coffee made from experts and they are dedicated to giving back to society. We really love them because although small, they are really humble, considering the great prices and value they offer in their coffees.

In fact, their motto “No sleep ‘til Brooklyn” is there because they are a micro “roasterie” roaster. As such, they are located in the heart of Brooklyn NYC, and they roast delicious coffee. They’ve been doing so in the past 10 years.

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Features of the Stone Street Organic Peruvian Coffee

The first thing you notice about this coffee is that it is a Peruvian (single-origin) coffee, and it comes from the best coffee regions in the world – South America’s Peru. Their Arabica coffee is great for those who prefer drinking a somewhat low-acidy coffee. In the texture, the coffee has a light-medium body. As such, it brings an incredible flavor profile and an aroma of a sweet. It is a really nicely balanced coffee with just the perfect depth and intensity that only true coffee connoisseurs can cherish.  All in all, it is a really smooth coffee deserving of your attention.

organic peruvian coffee

Coming from Stone Street Coffee, you know that this coffee is nicely roasted. It is roasted in a small batch using the newest equipment. So, the coffee develops nicely to the taste, as it should be.

Sizes to choose from

It is really irritating when you cannot find the right size for your next coffee purchase. However, it seems that you can avoid such uncomfortable situations with the Stone Street Organic Peruvian Coffee. This coffee is amazing because even if you want to try it and you aren’t sure that you’ll like it, you have an option to get a small bag. The smallest bag you can get is 1lb. Also, we really like that you get to choose between ground and whole bean coffee. The same goes for 2lb packaging. You can also choose between ground and whole beans.

However, for their 5lb package, you can only choose a whole-bean package. So, you should get this one only if your brewer at home has a built-in grinder, or if you have a grinder of your own.


You can know a lot about the quality of a coffee thanks to the certifications it has. This coffee in particular, has been 100% Fair Trade Organic certified. By having this certification, you know that the coffee really is made in the most natural way, without any chemicals that can harm your health.

Also, it is notable that every hand-crafted artisanal roast from Stone Street is sourced carefully, as the company has really high standards for choosing the coffee beans they sell.

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You cannot get the whole “coffee-trying-experience” without trying Peruvian coffee. And when you do, you should at least worry that it is organic – without harmful chemicals. We and our coffee experts tried the Stone Street in every way possible and we can easily conclude – this coffee has an amazing value for money, and it is a great beginner-coffee as well. So, make sure you try this incredible organic Peruvian coffee, we promise you won’t regret it.


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