Organic Decaf Instant Coffee – Complete List

Are you interested in getting a nice organic decaf instant coffee? If so, look no further. We know and understand how important it is to save the time with instant coffee and yet, drink high-quality, healthy coffee like an organic decaffeinated one. So, we prepared a list of the best organic decaf instant coffee options for you:

1. Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Decaffeinated Coffee

The first and absolutely best option for an instant decaf coffee that is organic is the Mount Hagen one. This freeze-dried coffee simply swept us from our feet. It tastes incredibly rich, almost as if it had caffeine in it.

This instant coffee is organically grown in high lands, and as such, it is made from 100% Arabica beans that are of the highest quality. In fact, it was one of the first certified organic freeze-dried coffees in the world. It has been certified by EcoCert in accordance with all the organic standards that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has set. It has been carefully selected and this is why it has an amazing taste. You’ll notice from the first time you drink it that it is rich in flavor, yet mild in strength.

It is grown in quarantine, so there are no herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or fungicides involved. It is decaffeinated using the natural CR3 Liquid Carbon Dioxide decaffeination process, which is patented by the company. So, although unique in texture, this is truly a coffee you must try if you are opting for organic decaffeinated instant coffee.


  • Freeze-dried coffee
  • Great taste with a rich aftertaste
  • Completely organic and safe
  • Great certification


  • Could be too bitter for non-coffee drinkers

2. Mount Hagen Organic Frustration-Free Packaging

organic decaf instant coffee

This Mount Hagen Organic Instant coffee is also one of the first ones to get certifications as being Organic in the world. However, what we really love about it is that it is really convenient. Unlike many other instant coffees that don’t dissolve in water, this one is well-ground and dissolves in a manner of seconds.

We’d totally recommend it to those who travel often and want to have a piece of “home” – their coffee with them. It is convenient from the inside as it is on the outside.

The packaging is the best thing about it. For instance, it is packed in a small jar that holds up to 3.53 ounces of coffee. It is perfect for having a monthly coffee supply for the whole household. In fact, with a single jar, you get approximately 60 cups of coffee.

Just like the first option on the list, this one too is made from 100% Arabica beans. It is also shade-grown at high altitudes which ensures that you’ll have a great tasting, rich coffee every morning.


  • Organic and kosher certified
  • 60 cups of coffee per jar
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rich and nice taste


  • There is only one size to choose

3. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane & Chaga

organic decaf instant coffee

Although not completely caffeine-free, the Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee deserved its place on our list. It is made through such a process that it has 50% less caffeine than regular coffees, and it brings so many benefits. It brings a lot of mental clarity, as it is a mushroom coffee mix with organic instant coffee and 500mg of Organic Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushroom powder.

Don’t worry, it tastes nothing like mushrooms. It has a regular coffee taste, and yet, with so many benefits. For instance, it supports focus, concentration, and memory, and it supports your overall cognitive function.

Because it has organic Rhodiola root, we’d suggest it to those who live a stressful life, yet want to stay on the healthy side of things. It is also amazing because it can give you a nice way to kickstart your morning. In general, it tastes like coffee, yet, it is ready in a few seconds. You can also add coconut milk or raw dairy if you want to improve the taste in case it feels earthy.


  • Many health benefits
  • Completely organic
  • Tastes like caffeine
  • Improves memory and focus


  • Has more caffeine than regular decaffeinated coffees
  • Some people reported it tastes a bit earthy or bitter

4. Nescafe Instant Ground Decaf Coffee

The Nescafe instant ground coffee is the perfect and most convenient coffee option on our list. They come in stick packs, perfect for carrying around easily and without noticing them there at all. The coffee is mild-roasted one made from 100% pure, responsibly sourced coffee beans.

What we really love about them is that you can have a fresh-tasting, consistent coffee in no time. And, you can strengthen up the stick-shaped package to use as a spoon to mix your coffee in the cup.


  • Premium quality coffee
  • Nice taste
  • Convenient packaging
  • Mild roast


  • Little information regarding the origin of the coffee

5. Marley Coffee Organic Decaf Ground Coffee

The last but not least decaffeinated coffee on our list is the Marley Organic ground coffee. This is a dark roast flavored coffee, perfect for those who don’t drink decaf because they want to. The coffee also has notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and cocoa, and it is a great way to start the day. Also, it is sustainably grown in the most popular coffee regions in the world like Ethiopia, Central, and South America and Jamaica.

With this 8-ounce ground coffee, you’ll enjoy waking up to a healthy and instant coffee alternative.


  • Great and rich dark roast taste
  • Convenient packaging
  • Organic and healthy
  • Eco-friendly company


  • Should be kept carefully and completely sealed
  • Only one size to choose from

Conclusion – Finding the best organic decaf instant coffee for you

That’s all folks. We hope that we helped you find the best organic decaf instant coffee option for you. It surely was our pleasure trying out all of these coffees.


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