Ninja iQ Review – Best Value For Your Money?

There are a lot of coffee brewer manufacturers on the market these days and choosing the right one for you might not seem like an easy task. It can be quite overwhelming at times, as a matter of fact, one might get lost in all of those options. That is why we have a suggestion for you today that might narrow down your choice and actually turn out to be a good option for you. The product we got today is from the renowned Ninja brand. They have a reputation of including lots of features in their products and offering them at a very affordable price. We suggest that you stick around and keep on reading our Ninja iQ review, to find out more about it.


  • Choose a type of brew with one-touch from the classic, rich brew, over ice, and speciality
  • Auto-iQ allows you to choose from one cup, travel mug, half carafe, and full carafe
  • LCD with programmable clock and Auto-iQ start settings
  • Ninja’s patent-pending Thermal Flavor Extraction technology automates controls of temperature, pre-infusion, coffee saturation and flavour
  • Permanent gold-toned coffee filter
  • Can brew directly into a travel mug
  • Available in stainless steel or glass carafe
  • Digital alarm for auto-start and auto-off


  • Not recommended for outdoor use
  • Lots of parts
  • No auto-drip shut-off when removing carafe
  • Not recommended for espresso
  • Plastic construction

What is the Ninja iQ like?

Just like most of the Ninja products, this one also includes a lot of features and it is much more affordable than its grand competitors. It is very flexible and it offers various drink sizes all at the flip of a switch. However, it does have its flaws which we will cover in the cons section. This model is ideal if you are on a tighter budget but still want to get a variety of brewing styles in your coffee brewer. It is probably the best value for money coffee brewer on the market. If you look at the value and all of the features you are getting, it doesn’t get any better than this.

How does the Ninja iQ brew coffee?

This model offers multiple options on how you can brew coffee. Each of those is meant to suit and satisfy your own personal tastes. For example, if you press the “classic brew” button, the machine will create a drink with “balanced and smooth flavour”, or basically drip. Pressing the “rich brew” button will create a drink that is “still smooth but richer than the classic”. This coffee is suitable and ideal to get mixed with milk. If you press the “speciality brew” button, the machine will whip up a concentrated coffee liquid that is usually the base of espresso-based drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. The machine also has a brew for those hot summer days and it’s called the “over-ice brew”. It is used to create frappes and cold drinks.

How does the Ninja iQ look like?

As far as design and style goes, the Ninja iQ has somewhat of a vintage look. The manufacturers of the Ninja iQ did the best they could with the resources they got in order to keep track of the mighty competition. Once again if you have a look at the value for money it all makes sense. Standing in at 14.75 inches tall at 9.5 inches wide and 8.75 inches deep, the Ninja iQ is quite a big machine. On the left side of the machine you can find the filter basket. It accepts the standard number 4 cone paper filters. On the right side, you’ll find the cylindrical water tank. It is removable as well as some of the other parts, making cleaning and maintaining the machine easier.

Ninja iQ review

Maintenance of the Ninja iQ?

Just like any other coffee machine the Ninja iQ requires a little bit of attention. However, you don’t have to go out of the ordinary. Some parts require more attention than others. Luckily they are easily accessible and removable, making the cleaning process very simple and easy. Just wash them with detergent and make sure you rinse

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Ninja iQ Review – Conclusion

Having gotten to the end of our Ninja iQ review we hope that you have a clearer view of this model now. That after reading our review you feel more informed about the model and hopefully we influenced you a little bit. In order to make the right decision, make sure you know your own needs first. That way you can’t go wrong. In this case, if you are on a budget but still want to get a variety of coffee choices than this coffee machine is the perfect choice for you. Just keep in mind that it has plastic construction, unlike its competition which uses other more durable materials. But on the other hand, it is way more affordable than them. It all comes down if you are willing to sacrifice a little durability in order to save a lot more money. It seems like a fair trade.


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