Nespresso Expert Review – Brew like a Barista!

Welcome to our Nespresso Expert Review. Our experts reviewed the Expert machine, and believe us when we tell you, we have a lot of info to share.

We realized that many people got this machine and they are extremely satisfied with it, as it is a budget-friendly, yet extremely powerful coffee maker. With so many other brewers on the market, you’ll probably end up getting confused about how to find the best one for you.


  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Great water tank capacity
  • Beautiful design
  • Smart tech


  • Doesn’t have a frother

But worry not, we have the ultimate and most in-depth Nespresso Expert review. Our teams of coffee machine professionals tried the brewer out, figured out its strong and weak sides, and here are the results:

General information & about the Nespresso Expert

When we started working on our Nespresso Expert review, the first thing we noticed about it was how high-end it was. Besides its impeccable versatility, the Nespresso Expert brings you in the 22nd century!

It is a machine that makes life so convenient, that you’ll start asking yourself is it even real. When you have a machine like the Nespresso Expert, you can brew your coffee seconds after hearing the alarm going off, and you can do that from your bed! All you need to do is punch a few buttons on your smartphone, and your fresh and amazingly tasting coffee will be waiting for you in the kitchen.

We know this sounds lazy, but in the end, it is really convenient. With the Nespresso Expert, you can get coffee-shop quality coffee, in the comfort of your home.

Of course, besides that, we have the other long list of amazing features and specifications of this unit that make it irresistible for coffee lovers throughout the world.

Nespresso Expert Review – Most Important Features:

Before we start talking about the more serious things, let’s just do an overall review of the basic features that you find on this budget-friendly yet extremely high-tech machine. The Nespresso Experts features 4 different single-serve cup sizes. You can choose between Ristretto (0.85 oz.), Espresso (1.35 oz.), Lungo (3.7 oz.) and, wait for it,- Americano (.84 oz. Coffee and 4.2 oz. hot water). Having so much versatility on a single, personal use machine is simply amazing.

We simply fell in love with how powerful this compact machine is. It has 3 different temperature settings. You can choose between medium, hot and extra hot and get the perfect coffee each and every time. The brewer also has a separate spout for hot water and Americano coffees, ensuring nothing less than impeccable coffee.

Another thing that we should talk about is the water reservoir of the unit itself. It has a 38 oz. water tank, which is quite generous if you think about it. With such a large reservoir, you won’t be bothered to spend time on refilling the water tank over and over again. More importantly, the unit saves you time because you don’t need to empty out the container often either. The empty-capsule container can hold up to 14 capsules, so, you’ll only need to empty it out a few times a month.

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Smart Tech Features

Besides having a 19-bar high-performance brewer that brings you amazingly tasting coffee, the Nespresso Expert has other amazing modern features.

For instance, this smart coffee maker has Bluetooth LED tech incorporated. It allows you to create personalized single serve coffees, according to your own personal preference.

Also, it has great features about capsules re-ordering, impeccable machine care and assistance – all within your machine. Another thing that we really love about is the ability to connect the unit to your phone. You can do this using the unique Nespresso mobile app. Besides being able to “order” coffee from your phone, you can also create personalized coffees and save them on your phone.

Another really great tech in this unit is its energy-saving feature. Specifically, your machine will shut off automatically if you aren’t using it for 9 minutes. So, no more trouble with high electricity bills either!

We also loved how the unit heats up really fast. According to the manual, it heats up in about 30 seconds, so, you can say goodbye to waiting for minutes for a good cup of coffee. Hell, it is your kitchen, there isn’t even a queue.

Besides these, we should also mention that the unit itself has other convenient features as well. For instance, the unit alerts you when you need to refill the water tank, or when you need to empty out the used capsule container. It even alerts you when there is a need for descaling.

Nespresso Expert Review

Design and Style

The Nespresso Expert is surely one unique-looking coffee brewer. It has an anthracite grey finish that fits perfectly in different kitchen designs. But it is not what meets the eyes only. The unit is quite compact considering its features and its power.

So, the cutting-edge design, while inspired by the most professional ambience, it is also great for kitchens of any kind. And, the automated and intuitive LED tech gives a magical touch of luxury and style in any kitchen.


Considering the price range of this amazing coffee brewer, you cannot expect to find something better. It has the most high-end features that you can possibly ask for! It is extremely intuitive and surely makes your life a lot easier.

All in all, the Nespresso Expert machine is the perfect buy for you if you are looking for a unit that will ease up your life without the hassle. If you aren’t in love with modern technology, you probably won’t be really fond of it, but if you are, it will sweep you off your feet!


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