Keurig K425 Review – Complete Info!

Our Keurig K425 Review focuses on the most important aspects of this amazing brewer from a great brand.

Keurig Dr. Pepper is a successful merger of two iconic companies (Keurig Green Mountain and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group) with a fresh and enthusiastic approach to beverages. They offer many brands and services, in order to keep every customer completely satisfied.

The company has an annual revenue of $11 billion placing it 7th on the list of largest food & beverage companies in the U.S., which speaks about its success and ability to put out amazing products. They are pioneering in the area of state of the art single-serve coffee brewing systems that promise a user-friendly experience for those who are new to brewing coffee at home.


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • You are able to choose between 11 different brew sizes
  • It can make many different beverages apart from coffee
  • Significantly large water tank


  • The plastic may turn some people away
  • Only compatible with Keurig coffee pods

Most important features of the Keurig K425

The Keurig K425 is part of the 2.0 product line. What differentiates this coffee machine from others is its versatility and a multitude of options when it comes to brewing coffee.

This seemingly simple coffee machine offers 11 different brew sizes. So, this means that you have the option to accommodate yourself and your guests with virtually any size of coffee desired. It can brew all types of pods, including K-Carafe, K-Mug and even K-Cups.

Regarding the weight and size, the K425 is a rather small coffee machine. It comes at a total weight of 5 pounds, which means it takes quite a small amount of space. This makes it very convenient and feasible to store in even the smallest of places. It also comes with built-in strength and temperature control, which leaves you with a lot of freedom in the brewing process. This means that you can make your coffee at whichever temperature you desire, and whatever way you see fit.

If you don’t like to frequently refill the water supply, then worry no more! The Keurig K425 comes with a removable 70 ounces water reservoir, which is quite sufficient. This means that you can brew many coffees without the supply running out.

Keurig K425 Review: Design

Like all Keurig coffee machines, the K425 has a simple and personal, yet compact and elegant design. It comes in many different colours: black, platinum, vintage red, and last but not least, white. All of these are elegant looking and will easily find their place in any kitchen.

Another cool little feature of the Keurig K425 is that it comes with a 2.4 inches control touch display on which you can select the brew size, the temperature at which the coffee is brewing, and the strength of the coffee. Apart from being an excellent coffee machine, the Keurig K425 can also make a variety of beverages, including tea, hot cocoa, ice coffee, and for whatever purpose you need – just plain hot water.

There is one small disadvantage if you are someone who likes to experiment with various coffee pods. Namely, this coffee maker only works with Keurig Brand Packs and coffee pods. However, this shouldn’t be a problem, considering the fact that the Keurig pods are of extremely high quality. And if you are someone who likes to use their own coffee ground, we have good news for you! Although the K425 is mainly designed for coffee pods, you can still use your own coffee ground to make your ideal coffee.

Durability of the Keurig K425

Although the K425 is made of plastic, there are no doubts that it lasts and functions perfectly for a very long time. In fact, we think that because of the quality of the plastic, the device is able to maintain such a lightweight, and still look very elegant.

The outer layer of strong plastic ensures that the inner components remain safe and intact. The compactness of this device is very promising and almost guarantees a very long usage lifetime. We immediately noticed that the coffee machine is very quiet and still heats up the water faster than most coffee machines. This means that the inner electronic circuits are really well put together, which puts the risk of malfunction close to nonexistent.

Like all coffee machines, the K425 also has complex inner workings beyond the understanding of a normal person. The good news is, you will have little to no interaction with that part of the device. Because the coffee machine comes with a user-friendly interface, you are very unlikely to mess something up, meaning the device will more than likely serve you for a very long time.

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Using the Keurig K425

On the aforementioned easy-to-use touch display, you will be able to select the brew size, the brewing temperature, as well as the intensity of the coffee. After you have selected your preferred settings, all there is left to do is to press the giant and peculiar “KEURIG 2.0” button. And voila, in less than a minute you are rewarded with a hot and excellent tasting cup of coffee.

Keurig K425 Review

As for the cleaning part, you have nothing to worry about. The water reservoir is completely removable. This means that cleaning the water tank, and replenishing the water supply is very easy. This exact same feature applies to the drip tray. Apart from being completely removable and easy to clean, you can also use fairly large cups with an upper limit of 7 inches.

The Keurig K425 also comes with a very interesting feature. It is completely programmable in that, you can set an exact time for when you want your coffee to be brewed. So, instead of brewing your coffee in the morning all drowsy and annoyed, you can actually queue the brew before you go to bed. This way, you’ll have a hot cup of coffee already waiting for you as soon as you step out of your bed.


Bearing in mind everything we just discussed, it is our opinion that the Keurig K425 is a very good coffee machine. In spite of only being compatible with Keurig coffee pods, it provides you with the option of using your own coffee ground. Not to mention, it includes a number of really cool features. If our humble opinion, the quality and convenience of this product heavily outweigh all of its minor setbacks.

If you are someone who likes a little more variety when it comes to drinking coffee, this is the perfect coffee machine for you. Because it provides 11 different brew sizes, we can easily classify it as a coffee machine that can make everyone happy. We would even recommend this to people who are new to coffee machines, because the simplicity of the K425 design, coupled with the detailed and easily understandable user manual, can get you right on track into brewing a delicious coffee every time.

So we hope that our Keurig K425 review helped you make a right decision!


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