Jura Z9 Review – Is it Worth the Money?

We decided to do a Jura Z9 review because this amazing machine has really shaken the ground amongst the coffee industry. After all, it is a pretty expensive unit. However, just because it is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth the investment. We did in-depth research to see what this brewer offers, and spoiler-alert – we found that it is really worth it.

Our Jura Z9 review will focus on the most important aspects of this renowned brewer from a reputable brand. What does it offer? Keep on reading to see!

Most important features of the Jura Z9

We have to start talking about the amazing features offered by the machine in our Jura Z9 review. After all, it is a machine with everything that a coffee lover can possibly ask for.


  • Amazing tasting coffee
  • Incredible design
  • Comes from a reputable brand
  • Modern and intuitive technology used on it
  • Great TFT Screen
  • Versatile


  • The dispenser isn’t height adjustable
  • Expensive

We were amazed to see that this nice-looking brewer has everything that it needs to in order to provide you with impeccable, fresh coffee each morning. For instance, it has an aroma plus grinder. This one is there to grind the coffee beans for you so that you can have the most professional coffee in the comfort of your home.

Moreover, the Aroma plus grinder is really fast in doing so. Compared to other grinders, it is almost as twice as fast. Yet, it doesn’t fall back on keeping the delicious aroma, grinding your beans perfectly for optimal extractions.

Other things we noticed about it were the two thermoblocks. One of them is meant for coffee and hot water, while the other is there just for the steam. So, you know you can expect nothing less than the perfect texture in your coffee, as well as the best preparation conditions.

Brewing coffee on the Jura Z9


Although somewhat pricey, the Jura Z9 is a really beginner-friendly brewer. After all, it has a lot of intuitive functions and controls, that won’t require you to be a professional barista to use it. More importantly, the unit features a handy switch and a TFT colour display. Basically, although this gives it a sleek design (which we’ll talk about later) it also makes it one of the easiest machines to use in general. You just rotate the switch to get your desired coffee, and you have a TFT colour display to ensure that you know what you are asking for.

We also liked that the unit allows you to create different types of coffee in a really seamless manner. It is not only the Aroma plus grinder that is fast. In fact, the whole machine works really fast, so you’ll have an amazing cup of coffee in your hands in just a manner of seconds.

if you like foamy coffees – we have some good news for you. The unit itself features a fine-foam technology which also adds up to the overall greatness of it. With the fine-foam tech, you can get the perfect crema in your coffee, without being a professional barista whatsoever.

All in all, the unit extracts the coffee flavour and aroma just as it grinds them – perfectly. It is a great machine for true coffee lovers who know how valuable a good cup of joe in the morning is.

Design and Style

As you can see in the pictures above, the unit has a really sleek, modern design. Although it weighs a little bit more than traditional coffee brewers, it still comes in dimensions of 13 x 17 x 15 inches, which make it reasonable for most kitchens. of course, it might look too bulky in really small kitchens and kitchenettes, but other than that, it is a really nice addition to a modern household.

The design is black and silver-plated, which give a touch of luxury in your kitchen too. We really like how the buttons are designed in a way that they are easily accessible. After all, they are placed in smart places, minimizing the too-much modern look, yet giving it a nice touch.

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Conclusion – Is it worth it?

Yes, definately, yes. The Jura Z9 is a great machine, offering top-notch technology within a reasonable budget. If you thnk about it, the unit is as high-end as you can possibly get. So, if you want to stop paying for coffee at local coffee-shops, simply invest in a great machine like the Jura Z9, and you’ll have the coffee perfection in your home, at all times.


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