Jura Z6 Review – Incredible Automatic Machine

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had a better coffee machine? What if you could have excellent tasting coffee every morning with minimal effort? What if we told you that barista-quality coffee can be available to you in only a matter of seconds? Yes, that’s why our Jura Z6 Review is here.

You know where we’re going with this. We are here to tell you that we have found an excellent coffee machine with incredible flavour extraction technology that will change the way you view coffee machines forever. The subject of our Jura Z6 review uses groundbreaking P.E.P (Pulse Extraction Process) technology. This ensures you get the most flavour out of your coffee beans, with minimal preparation time.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Comes with a well-put and comprehensible user manual
  • Gives a lot of customization options
  • Front and top panels are made from aluminium
  • The coffee machine itself guides you through the cleaning process


  • Quite large and inconvenient dimensions
  • Brew unit not removable
  • Small coffee grinder which prompts you to frequently refill it with coffee beans

Are there cheaper coffee machines out there? Sure. But none of them compares to what the Jura Z6 can do. If you have had enough of your boring old coffee machine and you are on the search for something better, then look no further. This modern coffee machine utilizes state of the art Swiss innovation technologies, promising to deliver an excellent tasting coffee every time for you to kick-start your morning routine. Offering a lot of functionality, while still being easy to use, the Jura Z6 can easily be categorized as one of the best coffee machines out there.

If all of this managed to grab your attention, check out our Jura Z6 review to see what makes this product the blockbuster of coffee machines.

Most important features of the Jura Z6

As you would assume, this coffee machine comes with incredible built-in features that are designed to make your life easier, as well as produce amazingly tasting coffee.  While the exterior of this coffee machine looks pretty simple, we have found that the manufacturer has focused on the functionalities of the device to ensure pleasant user experience.

For instance, the water reservoir comes at a massive size of 81 ounces. This means that the Jura Z6 has one of the biggest water tanks in the whole coffee machine industry. If you, like us, are oftentimes lazy when it comes to replenishing the water supply, then this feature is the solution to your problem. On top of that, the packaging comes with not one, but two filters. So, don’t worry about any impurities in your coffee water, because this high-grade filter is designed to completely eliminate all of them. Not to mention, when you want to replace the filter, you already have one waiting for you, right there.

The Jura Z6 also sports an integrated coffee grinder. The absolute trump card that comes with this grinder is that, unlike other coffee machines, has 6 different grinding settings. This means that, if someone in your household has a preference for differently ground coffee, the Jura Z6 can satisfy both of your coffee drinking needs. One minor disadvantage of this feature is that the grinder comes in quite a small size, so you will be forced to frequently refill it with coffee beans.

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Design and Style

The first thing that grabbed our attention during the Jura Z6 Review is the dimensions of the unit. It measures 17.7” x 12.6” x 14.8”, coming at a weight of 26 pounds. This is quite large by all means, so many would argue that it won’t fit in their kitchen. However, if you are looking for a top-notch coffee machine with tons of functionality, those are the dimensions that ultimately come with it.

If you are not a fan of 100% plastic designs, then we are happy to inform you that, for the most part, the exterior is made from aluminium. Of course, the size panels utilize a type of thermoplastic polymer called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS plastic. But worry not this high-grade plastic will not alter the functionality of the machine whatsoever. In addition, the boiler system is also made from aluminium and reinforced by a layer of stainless steel, meaning it can both heat up and cool down very fast, minimizing the waiting time between tasks.

As for the control unit, we find it both stunning and easy to use. This LCD screen is bright and very sharp looking. To browse through the coffee menus, you have to use a little control knob sitting at the top of the Jura Z6, as well as the buttons placed on the side of the display.


For a coffee machine that packs so many features, you would imagine the cleaning and maintenance process to be extremely difficult. Here’s the thing, it’s actually a piece of cake. Of course, learning how to do it properly takes time. However, the great thing about the Jura Z6 is that it comes with a very clear and understandable instruction manual, which of course involves the cleaning process.

The machine also comes with a guided step-by-step cleaning process which you initiate by using the control unit. All you need to do is insert a cleaning tablet into the brew unit, and it will guide you through the rest. The drip tray, coffee grinder, milk tube, and even the water tank are completely removable. So, throughout the cleaning process, you will have no trouble taking them out and washing them under the sink. At the end of this process, you just have to empty out the residual water into the sink, and voila – you’re left with a 100% clean, mean coffee machine.

Automatic tech on the Jura Z6

The Jura Z6 offers a completely automatized brewing process. This does virtually everything for you, while still giving you complete control and supervision of the brewing process. It conveniently rocks a lot of automatic tech designed to improve your experience with using this machine.

This coffee machine makes use of sensors to improve the automatic processes. The latest edition of the Jura Z6 has an onboard mechanism. It detects whether or not the water filter is installed, and reports that information back to the control unit. So, the machine will give you feedback on whether or not you have installed the filter correctly.

In addition, this coffee machine comes with automatic shut-off, which is entirely adjustable. This ensures that the coffee machine will not continue consuming power unnecessarily if there’s no need for it

All in all, not only does this coffee machine possess these incredibly automatic technologies. However, it also makes them absolutely tangible and adjustable for you, as a user.

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Jura Z6 Review: Conclusion

With everything that we discussed in mind, we believe that the Jura Z6 is sitting at the top of the food chain of coffee machines. It’s not cheap and comes at significant dimensions. So, we believe that Jura has done an incredible job at providing us with both great functionality and keeping this coffee machine simple and easy to use. The huge water tank, the guided cleaning process, and the overall function of this coffee machine easily justify its price and dimensions.

We would recommend this to any coffee drinker that wants to take it a step further from the typical coffee machine. We believe that you, as a customer, deserve the best. That is why we are happy to recommend this piece of modern machinery to any coffee lover that strives for the best.


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