Jura J80 Review – Why Do You Need it?

If you are someone who is interested in getting a new coffee machine or upgrading your current one then you’ve come to the right place. Today we have a great recommendation in the amazing Jura J80. This automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine will improve your coffee experience and will make it much more enjoyable. So if you are interested in what we have to say stick around and find out more. We’ll have a closer look into things like design, style, features, maintenance, pros and cons in our Jura J80 review. Without further ado, let’s get on with it!


  • 2 different brewing temperature settings for the water
  • Customizable coffee
  • 5 programmable coffee strength levels
  • Programmable amount of water
  • Amount of water can be adjusted with each preparation
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Fairly expensive for its category
  • Milk froth doesn’t get very hot

Overview on Jura J80

Like we already mentioned, the Jura J80 is an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine. What this means is that you’ll have freshly grinned coffee made with ease within each cup. If you haven’t heard by now, Jura has a reputation of making well-engineered coffee machines. That being said, you can only expect that the quality of their coffee matches the way their coffee machines are engineered. With the Jura J80, you can expect the best espressos and coffee drinks at the comfort of your own home. You’ll get a coffee shop experience with each and every brew.

Most important features of the Jura J80

Just like most of Jura’s models, the Jura J80 has many amazing features. One of the first things we’ll mention is the powerful thermoblock and pressure. This feature helps the machine heat up the water quickly in order to make your coffee faster. Another amazing feature about the Jura J80 is the Multi-level conical grinder. Some of the best bean-to-cup machines use a burr grinder. Jura has taken it a step further and made a multi-level burr grinder. This ensures that the beans are ground faster and it also affects the taste of the coffee.

How does the Jura J80 look like?

The design of the Jura J80 is simple yet very elegant. Coming in at a size of 17 inches deep, 11.2 wide and 13.3 inches high, the Jura J80 is a very compact coffee machine. That being said it will fit easily into any kitchen, making it ideal for limited spaced rooms. In addition to that the chrome and black exterior make it a great addition to any kitchen, considering the fact that it can blend easy. Furthermore, the integrated display give it a more modern and stylish look. This machine weighs around 11kgs, so you could easily move it around if you wanted to.

How to use the Jura J80?

The Jura J80 is quite simple and easy to use, making it a user-friendly coffee machine. It takes a few minutes to set it up and a couple of more minutes to personalize the settings. Once you’ve done that it becomes even easier and simpler. First thing you do is select the water hardness and then the machine recommends you a routine. With the Jura J80 you have all the control, you can select how much water you want in your espresso, how hot or how strong you like it. You can save your personalized settings so next time you choose your favourite coffee it will take less time.


When it comes to maintenance, the Jura J80 will notify you when it needs to be cleaned. There are four things you need to keep an eye on. First is the coffee system and the machine will let you know when the time is right to do this. All it requires is a simple rinse through. Next is the milk system. It is recommended that you rinse the milk system whenever a milk-based drink is made. The third is the dual spout. Like the milk system, it is recommended that you clean this whenever you make a milk-based drink. You should find the instructions in the manual on how to take it apart and clean it. Final is the water filter. The Jura J80 uses a Clearly Blue water filter and it is required to be changed every 60 litres, that is approximately 3 months of use.

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Having gotten to the end of our Jura J80 review we can conclude that the Jura J80 is a state of the art coffee machine. It is suitable for small homes and kitchens, because of its compact size and weight. In addition, it is very elegant and stylish so it can blend in with any interior. Furthermore, it is very simple and easy to use and in addition to that, it offers a lot of personalization options. Some of those include water usage, how strong and hot you want your coffee. When it comes to maintenance the Jura J80 doesn’t require much but we suggest you take care of it as much as possible in order to extend its longevity and quality.


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