Jura Giga 5 Review – Uncensored!

Are you a coffee lover? Are you the type of person that is spotted with a cup of coffee during the course of the whole day? Or maybe you’re a member of a larger household or a member of a very busy and high-traffic office? Whatever the case maybe you are going to love our suggestion today! Today we’ll be doing a Jura Giga 5 review.

This wonderful coffee machine does everything. With such a big price tag, it is only expected. Although it might be a bit too much for casual drinkers, it will be a dream come true for the right ones. In today’s review, we’ll go through everything you need to know about this machine, all the good and the very little bad things about it. Hopefully, by the end of our Jura Giga 5 review, you’ll be more informed and satisfied with the information you’ve got here. So without further ado, let’s get things started!


  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Very large water reservoir capacity
  • Two bean hoppers with large capacity to match the reservoir
  • Two ceramic burr grinders
  • A very fast heating system that includes two aluminium boilers
  • Next level frothing system with extended control


  • Very expensive
  • Not enough grind settings for a machine of this category

Looks and Design

The first thing that you will notice about the Jura Giga 5 is its huge size! This machine is a monster, it measures at 20” x 17” x13” and weighs in at 40 pounds. It is safe to say that this machine is not designed for homes that have limited space kitchens. The next thing you’re going to notice is industrial appearance. This look resembles a machine that you’d find in a coffee shop. In addition to that, the machines rugged appearance just tells you that this machine is very capable.

The serious design includes a silver exterior, with a mix of ABS plastic and stainless steel construction. It also includes black highlights. This machine is very serious looking so it might not fit a colourful kitchen. But it is certainly not unappealing, it just has a business look to it.


When it comes to reservoir size the Jura Giga 5 will not disappoint you. The side-mounted, top-loading tank is capable of holding 87 ounces of water. It is also worth mentioning that the machine comes with a filter for the tank. The filter helps reduce the maintenance needed to keep this machine clean.

Two Integrated Grinders

This is one of the biggest features of the Jura Giga 5. It includes two top-loading hoppers. Both of them are located on top of the machine and both can hold 9.8 ounces of beans. That’s a combined total of 19.6 ounces, more than a pound! Not many can match this capacity. Another thing worth pointing out is the fact that the reservoir and the hoppers match in size. This is very convenient because if they mismatched you would have to refill one constantly and that can be annoying.

These hoppers are connected to two conical ceramic burr grinders. Both of them have five grind settings. Ceramic burrs are better than stainless steel ones because they tend to overheat and cause your coffee grounds to burn. On the downside, only having five grind settings is far too low for a machine of that price and category. The standard is at least six, but you can find machines that cost way less with grind settings of up to 18.

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The Heating System

We already mentioned that the Jura Giga 5 has two bean hoppers and two ceramic burr grinders, it also includes two aluminium boilers. The boilers are lined with stainless steel and both feature the Thermoblock technology. This enables rapid heating which speeds up the whole process.

Telescoping Coffee Spigots

Most coffee machines of this category have this feature. But like most features that the Jura Giga 5 includes, this one is taken up to the next level as well. Besides from the usual up and down movement, the coffee spigots also include a butterfly action.

Jura giga 5 review

Control System and Brew Unit

This is the most exciting part of any coffee machine. The centre of a control system of the Jura Giga 5 is a TFT display. This LCD technology allows the creation of complex menus which include a variety of options, but at the same time make it easy to navigate through it. These controls are very simple and easy to use, as simple as using your smartphone. If you need help to navigate, you can always look up the manual.

Milk Frothing System

The milk frother on the Jura Giga 5 is automated, which a lot of coffee purists aren’t fans of. They prefer a steam wand because it offers more control and thus they can create their perfect drink. But don’t be too quick to judge. The Jura Giga 5 uses a very advanced two-stage frothing system. This ensures that the froth is of top quality. In addition to that, you have further control over this via the control panel. You can set the amount of milk and froth you desire.

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We’re at the end of our Jura Giga 5 review folks! This machine is a state of the art coffee machine. It really does it all. However, it does come with a heavy price tag and is not designed for domestic use. But to be fair the features on this machine justify the price. If you are able to afford it, we highly recommend this machine. We hope that you found our review informative and that you found out what you were looking for. Also, we hope that you liked our suggestion and that we helped you with your decision.


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