Gaggia Classic Review – Older, but worth it?

Our Gaggia Classic review might not come as a surprise, right. After all, this is one of the most popular machines of all time – it is basically a Classic. The machine has been on the market ever since 1991, and over time, it only got better.

Of course, there was the 2009 time when the unit was changed by Philips when they took it, but it seems that it still remained the general great reputation.


  • Made in Italy
  • Features the famous solenoid valve
  • Has a professional steam wand
  • Auto-Off features


  • The design isn’t too modern

For instance, the initial Gaggia Classic was made in Italy. Just like the one today, it had a 3-way solenoid valve, an antique look, and a 58mm portafilter. It was a really durable, high-quality machine for that time. After the short drawback of 2009, the machine got better in 2015 – when they modified the model according to modern requirements and standards. However, it seems that the 2015 model wasn’t enough for the regular customers, and they demanded more. Luckily, Gaggia listened. This is exactly why we have a new 2019 model of the Gaggia Classic, which is where our review will come in handy.

In our Gaggia Classic review, we’ll go over the most important things about this new model of one of the best coffee brewers we know of. So, if you were disappointed by the previous versions, we have some good news for you – the new model is absolutely amazing, and here is why:

General info about the Gaggia Classic

The Gaggia Classic 2018/19 model is a really big deal in today’s coffee market. And why wouldn’t it be, it has kept the unique features it had in the past and has new, better and improved features that we look for today.

In general, the unit has great boiler that heats up the water pretty fast. It doesn’t have a Thermo coil nor a thermoblock, which speaks about the hard work they put in this unit. Also, it has a metal portafilter (yes, it is a full-sized one) and has a great water tank with a nice drip tray. So, if you want a really nice, almost professional-grade brewer in the comfort of your home, the Gaggia Classic is the way to go. It also features a nice Panarello steam wand, making it unique amongst other espresso machines.

One thing you should know before we get on with business. You should know that many shady websites sell the 2015 model based on the manufacture date – 2018. So, unless you are buying from a reputable seller, make sure that you are really buying the 2018 version. And, if you do get the 2018 model, you know that you can expect nothing but impeccable quality. Everything in it is industrial strength and will last for decades. This brewer really is a machine, not a regular kitchen appliance.

Most important features of the Gaggia Classic

The first thing and most notable one for sure on the Gaggia Classic is the commercial steam wand. It is really good, a high-end steam wand that offers complete control when you are steaming and frothing milk. It is the perfect steam wand for creating tight microfoam for those who like latte art for instance. Besides the commercial grade steam wand, the Gaggia Classic brewer also has a commercial style portafilter. As we said before, it is a 58 mm portafilter. In terms of coffee lovers – it is the same style and size as professional machines. Also, it is made from durable chrome-plated brass, there to make the perfect coffee for you.

Moreover, another thing that makes this Gaggia brewer so great is the commercial-grade valve. It has a 3-way solenoid valve that relieves pressure off the coffee. This way, you get a dry, easily discarded pack, and a fresh cup of coffee in your hands.

Another thing we noticed about the Gaggia is the amazing filter baskets. If you want a consistent and high-quality espresso shot or coffee with a thick crema layer, this is the brewer for you. Due to the pressurized basket, you’ll get the best in-cup results possible.

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Using the Gaggia Classic in your home

If you want an impeccable commercial-grade cup of coffee in your home – this is the machine for that. Although somewhat pricey, using the Gaggia Classic is a piece of cake.  It is a really modern machine with great home-use features.

Even if you live in a busy household, you’ll never bother anyone, regardless of how often you drink coffee. Specifically, the Gaggia Classic is really quiet, significantly quieter than other machines with the same features and price range.

Also, it is a really fast machine, so you don’t need to spend half of your day preparing your drinks. It has a rapid heating feature, rapid steam mechanism, and it heats up fast too. Basically, the dual heating elements heat the boiler to brew ready in about 5 minutes, and steam ready 30 seconds. This isn’t a very short period, but it is something reasonable waiting, especially when you consider the quality of the coffee extracted.

We really loved hot intuitive the machine is, especially with the great rocker switches that are both old-timey and yet, cool. The rocker switches have indicator lights, so you’ll never press a button unintentionally without noticing it. Great, right?

Gaggia Classic Review

Design and Style

There are different opinions regarding the style and design of the Gaggia Classic. But, in our Gaggia Classic Review, we have to be objective and rational, so first we’ll go over the facts.

Although the machine itself has rocker buttons which aren’t really “21st century, the unit, in general, is really cool and smooth looking. In fact, they updated the frame when they made the tweaks. Now the machine has a stainless steel frame that is redesigned for a really streamlined look. Besides the cooler design compared to the previous model, this unit also has better access to the water reservoir. So, it is safe to say that the unit is convenient in general.

The buttons are placed on the front frame, so you can always see if any of them has the indicator light on. Also, the drip tray is on the front, and it has a round edge. It is great because it is new compared to older versions, and it makes the unit a bit more modern.

Also, we loved that the unit has an anti-burn cover on the pressure overflow pipe. It is a great thing for those who are clumsy around the kitchen.

Design-wise, we should mention the quite large water reservoir. Although it is pretty large – with 2.1 L capacity, it still looks perfectly fit into the machine. However, it is designed in such a way, that if you don’t have good lighting in your kitchen, you might have a hard time noticing the water level in the tank.

Gaggia Classic Review  – Is it Worth it?

We know that the previous versions of the Gaggia Classic didn’t meet the demands of coffee lovers, but we are proud to say that the 2018/19 model is the best one there is so far from this line. It is impeccable in terms of functionality and convenience. It doesn’t have a really luxurious design, but this is what makes it unique. So, if you need a simple and effective coffee brewer – this is the one for you.


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