Single origin beans describes coffee that comes from one single producer, crop, or region in one country with distinct characteristics and flavors from where it’s grown.

Coffee Source beans are different because we roast to a medium to light profile that allows us to maintain the quality and flavor of our single origin beans while we prepare our coffee in a 3rd wave style that preserves good practice and handling of our beans. Good form/ practice = good flavor/taste. We also work with Bohdi Leaf who sources an amazing variety from all over the world and we are able to choose from many single varieties at any given time.

The best way is any way! Coffee Source beans are multi-use and can be enjoyed with almost ANY method of extraction as long as your beans are fresh and carefully prepared for maximum enjoyment.

Whole beans keep the beans fresh much longer. When you grind the beans you open them to oxygen which can make them lose their freshness much quicker. Always keep your coffee in a vacuum sealed container(whole bean or ground) when storing or if you know you aren’t going to be making coffee for awhile.

The difference is coarseness. They are all on a coarse grind setting. They are just different levels of coarseness for each method of extraction — all giving unique ways to enjoy your coffee and the flavors it has to offer. Some prefer a crisp very defined flavor a pour over can offer while some might prefer a delicious muddier flavor from a French press. To each their own!