DeLonghi ECP3630 Review – Cheap, yet Great!

Are you looking for a budget-friendly yet functional coffee machine? Do you want to have a great-tasting hot cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning? Do you want a nice coffee machine that won’t empty out your wallet? Look no further! We have a DeLonghi ECP3630 Review that will point you towards a machine of that kind.


  • Really easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Features two thermostats


  • The highest cup you can use on it is 5 inches
  • Might warm up slowly if isn’t used regularly

We know how hard it is to find a good machine that won’t spend all your money. And you are in luck, with so many options on the market, there surely are a lot of cheap machines. But even if there are so many cheap ones, not all of them are worth it. Many come from shady manufacturers that won’t guarantee the quality. Still, don’t worry, DeLonghi is a renowned brand that has proven to offer high-quality products throughout the years. This is exactly why they have so many loyal and satisfied customers.

So, if you want to get the best machine for your money, keep on reading our DeLonghi ECP3630 Review, you might’ve just found the perfect one for you.

DeLonghi ECP3630 Review – Most important features

What we really love about this budget-friendly machine is that regardless of its price, it still has a 15 bar professional pressure. In the long run, this feature ensures that you’ll get high-quality, well-extracted coffee each time you use it.

Another really important feature of the DeLonghi ECP3530 coffee machine is that it has a large water tank. Specifically, the unit features a 37-ounce, removable water tank. Besides being extremely easy to remove it, thus saving you a lot of trouble, the 37 ounces are pretty great for smaller households of coffee-drinkers. Also, the reservoir has a full stainless-steel housing which ultimately, talks about the overall durability of it. Whenever you move it, you won’t need to worry about damaging it, as it is pretty sturdy.

Although the cup height is not really generous, you can still drink a decent cup of coffee in the morning. A 5 inches high cup is pretty reasonable, even for the most passionate coffee drinkers.

Considering that this is a budget-friendly unit, you’d be surprised that it has a self-priming operation. This ultimately means that the machine doesn’t require much of your effort or time to start the coffee preparation process.

Also, it has two separate thermostats. In terms of non-coffee drinkers, let’s simplify this. With the two thermostats, you separately control the water and the steam pressure. SO, each time you make coffee, espresso or cappuccino, you can get the perfect cup of joe instantly.

Using the DeLonghi ECP3630 to brew coffee

The first thing we noticed before making our DeLonghi ECP3630 review was how the machine is really well-made and solidly built.

All the pieces are made of really high-quality materials, which is why they don’t require extra maintenance nor caring.

However, it took us time to learn how the machine works properly. It is really easy to learn how to use it, but it takes time. Of course, you’ll know how to brew the coffee, but using all the features of the machine is another thing. For instance, we found that learning how to grind the beans properly took us a lot of time. So, if you are new to everything, you should be patient. You’ll ruin a few batches, but we promise you, once you learn how to tamp the grinds and use it, you’ll have a great time.

We really enjoyed the self-primer too. In order to use this feature, you should set it to preheat. Next, put the coffee – either pods or grinds in the holder. Once you clip it in place, you can place your favourite coffee mug underneath it, and click the “Brew” button. When you want the machine to stop pouring coffee, you should only press the “Brew” button again. Simple as that. Although it was kind of disappointing that the brewer doesn’t turn off automatically, you can still enjoy great coffee with it, so it is all good so far.

We also noticed that you can easily steam coffee. All you need to do is place the pitcher of milk under the nozzle, and press the “Steam” button. When you see the light on, turn the knob and place the tip of the milk. You keep the pitcher angled until you get the temperature you wished for.

DeLonghi ECP3630 review

Design and Style

Like you’d expect with any other DeLonghi coffee machine, the design is really sleek. It is really simple in its essence, but this is what makes it look elegant.

The casing is stainless steel, and it feels luxurious on first sight. Of course, this simple design without any “too-kitsch” details makes it also easy to clean. It looks professional too, even if it is made for non-commercial use.

Regarding maintenance, we should note that although the water tank is pretty large – it still doesn’t look too bulky. It is just perfect, as well as the whole machine. The brewer is not too large, and it perfectly fits into smaller kitchens.

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What we need to say at the end of our DeLonghi ECP3630 review is that this is a great machine in general. Of course, it has some weak sides, but it is still an amazing purchase.

So, you won’t be wrong to buy it if you want a functional machine for personal use. It will give you great espressos and cappuccinos, as you’d get from a coffee-shop.


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