Breville Infuser Review – What You Need to Know!

The difference between a good start of the day and a bad start of the day can often be decisive by the first-morning coffee you have. That is why it’s essential to make sure you start the day on the right foot. Having a coffee machine will certainly make your life easier, well at least the start of your day. Having the needed kick to start the day at the press of a button is a very convenient thing. If you own a coffee machine you probably know what we are talking about, but if you don’t and you’re considering getting a new one, we have a suggestion for you.

In today’s Breville Infuser review we’ll have a closer look at this amazing coffee machine. We’ll look into its key features as well as the pros and the cons of the model. The Breville Infuser is an excellent mid-priced espresso machine which is compact and reliable. It is definitely worth every single cent. Keep on reading our Breville Infuse review and let’s find out more!


  • Features the pre-infusion system
  • Includes thermo-coil, which allows for fast start-up
  • Manual steam wand
  • Great value for money


  • Might be slow for high volume
  • The free tamper is a bit too light

Overview of the Breville Infuser

Like we mentioned in the paragraph above, the Breville Infuse is an excellent mid-priced espresso machine, guaranteed to give you the right kick to start your mornings. The Breville Infuser is a very interesting option, since it is not a budget coffee machine, nor it is an extremely expensive machine. So you might think, who is this machine for? The answer is quite simple. This machine is for real coffee lovers that don’t want to go cheap and get a budget coffee machine. It is for those who know that it is better to spend a bit more but get a reliable product that will last and produce good quality coffee. It is also suitable for those who are new to espresso making but don’t want to spend a fortune on an expensive machine. You could say it is a good beginners machine.

Key Features of the Breville Infuser

Having said all of that above it is time to have a closer look at some of the key features and specs of the Breville Infuser. This machine measure at 10.2 x 12.5 x 13.2 inches, which makes it a very compact and easy to fit in coffee machine. It is a perfect choice for limited spaced kitchens and its elegant look will fit right in with the rest of the interior. When it comes to the inside parts of the Breville Infuser they are quite amazing. The heating system and boiler that the Breville Infuser uses is a beast, guaranteed to meet your needs and demands. It uses a single “thermo coil” boiler system, meaning that there is only one boiler responsible for both steam and extracting espresso. There is a selector switch that enables you to switch between the two modes.

In addition to that, the Breville Infuser also features a “pre-infusion” system. That is the process of just slightly soaking the ground coffee right before the full extraction starts. This process ensures that you get a more even and tasteful coffee shot. This feature is usually found in more high-end espresso machines, so with that in mind, it is quite impressive that a mid-priced espresso machine like the Breville Infuser was able to feature it. This is probably the key selling point of this model.

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Making Espresso with the Breville Infuser

Now that we had a look at some of the key features in our Breville Infuser review, let’s talk about making espresso with the unit. You’ll be quite surprised about what this little machine has in store. There are two options when making an espresso with the Breville Infuser. The first option allows you to select a pre-programmed single or double shot. You also have the ability to set the extraction volume. The second option allows you to stop the shot whenever you think it’s right for you. Keep in mind that the quality of the coffee has a lot to do with the quality of your grinder, so if you have a bad grinder, your coffee quality will be bad too.

breville infuser review


We’ve reached the end of our Breville Infuser review. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our suggestion and that you found this review helpful. We also hope that you now feel more informed than before and you have a clearer idea on what this product has to offer. That being said, let us summarize.

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The Breville Infuser is a great mid-priced espresso machine capable of delivering great quality espressos. In addition to that, it is very compact and can fit in easily in even the most limited spaces. It is engineered beautifully, guaranteed to last long, making it a durable and reliable coffee machine. With features such as the “thermo-coil” system, it will save you time with every cup of coffee. In addition to that, the fact that it features the “pre-infusion” system speaks for itself. Usually, that type of feature is not found on a coffee machine of this category. That being said, we can safely conclude that the Breville Infuser provides a great deal and it represents a great investment. If you think that it meets your needs and criteria, we highly recommend it!


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