Best Organic Green Coffee Beans

Did you know that ever since 2012 when Dr. Oz in his show referred to green coffee as the coffee bean that burns fat fast, it is one of the most popular fat-loss supplements? Many people resort to green coffee because of these effects. However, since green coffee is so popular, many people don’t know how to find the best organic green coffee beans since there are so many offered to them on the market.

Don’t worry, we know how frustrating it can be to find the best option for you, which is why we did the research for you. This coffee is so good because it isn’t even roasted. As such, green coffee has higher levels of chlorogenic acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans. And this chlorogenic acid in green coffee has a lot of health benefits.

But how do you find the best and healthiest one? You keep on reading.

1. Smokin Beans Guatemala Green Coffee

Best Organic Green Coffee Beans

The Smokin Beans Guatemala is absolutely the best green coffee you can find on the market. It features premium-grade coffee beans with amazing taste. In fact, the taste notes vary from butter and cinnamon to dark chocolate and toasted nuts and raisins. It is the perfect tasting coffee for those cold mornings in the winter.

What we really love about this coffee is that it originates from Central America. It is grown on an altitude of 1800 meters, ensuring that is organic and as healthy as possible.

It is processed by drying and milling washing processes, and it is shade-grown, ensuring that the beans are ready for harvest. So, the crop is as fresh as possible. Also, the company is one that promotes the sustainability of farms, which is why besides offering delicious coffee, it is also eco-friendly.

In the end, this results with you having a nice cup of coffee and being environmentally responsible.


  • Beans roast evenly
  • Great origin
  • Nice taste
  • Full-body coffee


  • Easily damaged if not kept properly

2. Bodhi Leaf Organic Decaf – Best decaf organic green coffee beans

Best Organic Green Coffee Beans

The Bodhi Leaf is absolutely the best brand when it comes to green coffee. After all, it offers a diverse set of green coffee organic beans that are great for leading a healthy lifestyle and drinking high-quality coffee at the same time.

This specific coffee has cocoa and apricot taste notes, ensuring that you get a sweet beverage in your cup. Also, since the beans are organic, you can be absolutely sure that you’ll get the best possible quality.

What we really love about the coffee is that it is grown at an altitude of 1400-1600 meters in the Capucas region. As such, it goes through a Swiss Water process using water from the pristine environment of the mountains in British Colombia in Canada. This process removes some of the caffeine and the beans remain healthy for every-day use.


  • Decaffeinated
  • Organic
  • Great taste
  • High-quality coffee from eco-friendly regions


  • Some people find it to sweet

3.  Bodhi Leaf Mexico Belavista Green Coffee

With cupping notes of citrus, brown sugar, peaches, cream and vanilla, this green coffee is the perfect beginner-friendly green coffee.

It is a washed processed coffee with impeccable quality. After all, it is grown in the coffee-famous region – Tenejapa, in the Chipas Region. As a rich and luxuriously tasting coffee, it contains bourbon, Typica and Caturra varietals, perfect for those who value unique tasting coffee.

What we really love about this coffee is that you can choose from the different brewing methods. You can use it on an espresso machine, in an auto-drip, full immersion or cold brew. Either way you prefer, you’ll get premium-grade coffee.

You should know that the Chipas coffee farmers are growing their coffee under native trees’ shades. They also don’t use pesticides nor chemicals, ensuring that your coffee is organic. Besides this, it is also grown in environmentally-friendly areas. On top of this, high altitudes, steady rain, and volcanic soil all factor into this coffee.


  • Eco-friendly origins of the coffee
  • Luxurious taste
  • Perfect coffee aroma from green beans
  • Organic and healthy


  • Somewhat pricey

4. Kenya Peaberry Plus Green Coffee Beans

The Kenya Peaberry green coffee beans are the perfect choice for those who like fresh-tasting coffee. It is a light coffee compared to other Kenyan coffee, but nevertheless, it is simply delicious. It tastes natural, which is what makes it a great first-thing-in-the-morning drink. You should know that the coffee is harvested using a special sieve to painstakingly separate the small percentage of berries from the more commonplace twin beans.

The coffee originates from Kenya’s Central Province, and it is what makes it a really unique one as well. It is complex and has fruit flavors, perfect for those who like something new.


  • Light coffee
  • Fruit aftertaste
  • Careful harvest
  • Eco-friendly and organic


  • Doesn’t taste nice if dark-roasted

5. Neuherbs Green Coffee

The thing that you can’t miss but notice about the Neuherbs green coffee is that it is extremely rich in chlorogenic acid. As such, it is good for burning excess fat in your body and maintaining a good lifestyle.

The coffee is organic and 100% originates from Arabica coffee beans. With these properties, it is great for improving the energy in your body and boosting your metabolism. Also, we really love that this coffee is rich in antioxidants making it a great way to rid your body of toxins.


  • Great customer service of the brand
  • Contains a lot of antioxidants
  • Organic and healthy
  • Great for losing weight


  • You should only take a small dose of it on a daily basis


We truly hope that we helped you find the best organic green coffee beans. They are incredibly helpful for numerous health reasons, and finding the best ones for you is essential in order to achieve those results.


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