Best Coffee for Cold Brew – All you need to know!

We believe that you deserve the best. With that in mind, here we present you with a comprehensive guide. We’ll talk about leading coffee types. We’ll also go over companies that sell the best coffee for cold brew. While there are many amazing methods of preparing coffee, we believe cold brewing holds a very special spot in that list, because due to the slow extraction process of the beans, it allows the coffee to acquire an incredible and complex depth of flavors. So, without further ado, read our guide if you are interested in the best coffee for cold brew.

1. Death Wish Cold Brew

Best coffee for cold brew

The first product that we suggest is the Death Wish Cold Brew. This brand is well-known as the World’s Strongest Coffee. The reason behind this is that it is made from Robusta coffee beans which are much higher in caffeine. If you are a fan of aromatic coffees and strong taste, the Death Wish Cold Brew is the perfect option for you. Its boldness and strong taste will allow you to kick start your day. Also, it will keep you active and energized for your daily schedule. If you are an avid coffee drinker with an affinity for an intense and exhilarating cup of coffee, then look no further. This is the ideal cold brew coffee for you.

The Death Wish cold brew comes in elegantly designed cans. This means that wherever you go, you can conveniently take one with you. More importantly, this means you can immediately give yourself a caffeine boost. This is a great solution for people that don’t have the time to brew coffee by themselves but enjoy a cold brewed beverage. These cold brew cans are produced to meet the needs of every single person that enjoys a strong coffee. Are you lactose intolerant? No worries, just grab the dairy-free Death Wish. Not to mention, if you are maintaining a low-carb or ketogenic diet, there is also a low-carb Death Wish can that you can buy. The cans are also available in unsweetened black and slightly sweetened black. This gives you even more variety to choose from when selecting your favorite energizing beverage.


  • Bold and captivating taste
  • Double the caffeine of a regular coffee
  • Provides a wide variety of products to meet everyone’s needs


  • Might be heavy for some people
  • Comes in a can which might influence the taste of the coffee

2. Stone Street Cold Brew

second best coffee for cold brew

The next thing on our list is the Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee. It is made solely from Arabica coffee beans which originate from Colombia, one of the world’s premier growing regions. These coffee beans are much more aromatic than any other coffee and are perfect for making iced coffee. If you are looking for slightly sweet and smooth coffee, we highly suggest the Stone Street Cold Brew. It’s well balanced and rich flavor will give your iced beverage a unique taste. It is packed in a three-layer natural kraft and foil resealable bag. This ensures that your coffee remains 100% fresh.

Although many coffee brands have a peculiar flavor which is designed for an acquired taste, Stone Street Cold Brew is really well-balanced and designed to fit the pallets of every single person. The coffee comes with a dark roast, and if you know anything about coffee, this is the ideal roast level for cold brews and cold pressing. So, because of the emphasis put on the quality and achieving a well-balanced taste, we would recommend this coffee brand to anyone who is new to cold brews. The certainty of no off-putting flavors will allow you to ease into drinking this style of coffee and spark your interest to further experiment.


  • High grade coffee beans that ensure maximum flavor
  • Excellent aroma and rich taste
  • Perfectly balanced for people that are new to cold brews


  • People who are long-time cold brew coffee drinkers might find it underwhelming

3. Koffee Kult Medium Roast Brew

Another interesting brand that made our list is the Koffee Kult Medium Roast Brew. This is sure to excite all the experienced cold brew coffee drinkers due to its big body and slight acidity that comes from its medium roast level. Similar to our aforementioned brand, the Koffee Kult Medium Roast Brew also uses 100% Arabica coffee beans, coming from Brazil and Colombia. If you’re not a fan of the bitter taste, don’t worry – it’s not there.

The flavor profile of this coffee not only features the slightly acidic taste, but it also has a smooth and sweet finish. This takes your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride to coffee heaven. It has an incredible depth of flavor. It has notes of cherry, caramel, dark chocolate and walnut perfuming your tongue with every sip. Apart from being excellent for cold brew, this coffee is also perfect for making espresso, French press, pour-over, and drip-style coffee. Another amazing thing to keep in mind is that the manufacturer roasts the coffee beans using their own roasters. This ensures ideal conditions for processing. So, this means that the coffee will retain maximum flavor, while also containing no impurities whatsoever.


  • Medium roast level ensuring a smooth acidity, yet balanced taste
  • No oily residue on the coffee beans
  • No bitter aftertaste


  • The flavor profile might repel people who are non-experienced cold brew drinkers

4. Olde Brooklyn Whole Coffee

This Dark Roast Cold Brew coffee made it to our list for multiple reasons. Not only does this brand use strong coffee beans that provide a powerful flavor, but this brand also roasts the beans in very small batches. This gives them a traditional and rustic taste. Because the beans are roasted in small batches, they are guaranteed to capture all the freshness and unique aromas of the blends.

As an additional measure to ensure that the aroma and freshness are maintained, the beans are packed in sealed vacuum bags. The blends involve the finest coffee beans from Columbia, Brazil, and Guatemala. This also ensures a rich and interesting flavor profile and maximum aromatic complexity. For all of you cold brew drinkers that like to experiment with different blends, we have good news for you. Olde Brooklyn Whole Coffee offers a wide variety of coffee roasts to choose from: Italian Dark Roast, French Roast, Dark Roast, Brazilian Santos, House Blend, Breakfast Blend and many more. And this is where Olde Brooklyn shines – this ability to satisfy every single customer by offering so many different flavors makes this brand so unique.


  • Different roast varieties to satisfy every customer
  • Air-tight vacuum sealing that guarantees freshness
  • Powerful flavor
  • The beans are roasted in small batches allowing them to retain their flavor and freshness


  • Not very good for making espresso

5. Verena Street

It is no coincidence whatsoever that this popular flavored coffee bean is included in our list. It offers a broad range of medium and dark roasts. This includes  Cow Tipper, Julien’s Breakfast Blend, Lock & Dam 11, Mississippi Grogg, Nine Mile Sunset, Shot Tower Espresso, Sumatra, as well as the Sunday Drive Decaf for all of you poor souls that can’t enjoy caffeine.

The coffee beans are supplied by the Rainforest Alliance Certified farms which aims to protect farmers, wildlife and the environment. So, by buying this coffee you are in fact supporting farmers and giving them further incentive to produce these wonderful beans. This coffee comes from an independent, family-owned coffee company centered in Dubuque, Iowa. So, instead of the classic mass manufactured oily coffee beans, you are presented with homemade freshly roasted beans with incredible flavor.

Because of the Highlander Grogg style of the coffee, the flavor profile consists of butterscotch, caramel and hazelnut note that perfectly coats the entirety of your taste buds, with every single sip. Another good thing about this brand is that there is close to zero bitterness, in both tasting the coffee, and the finish.  Additional assurance for the quality of this coffee comes from its kosher certification by the Orthodox Union, the world’s most trusted and recognized kosher certification.


  • Wide range of medium and dark roasts
  • Produced by a family owned company ensuring a homely and unique flavor
  • Amazing depth of flavor
  • Zero bitterness


  • Mediocre packaging which might dilute the flavor over a longer time period

6. Kicking Horse – Smart Ass

best coffee for cold brew

If you, like us, love interesting and chocolaty coffee, then we have just the thing for you. Whether you want to wake up to a very bright and peculiar cup of coffee that includes sweet and floral notes, or you want to couple a cup of coffee with your dessert, this brand fits perfectly in all types of scenarios. The flavor profile consists of many notes. Specifically, it includes berries, tart red currant, sugar cane, milk chocolate, and honey. While it is perfect for the cold brewing method, this whole bean coffee can also be prepared using a multitude of other methods, such as French press, drip machine, pour-over, and espresso.

This exciting brand utilizes organic, kosher and shade grown Arabica coffee. So, by buying this brand you will aid in the conservation of the environment. Also, you’ll support farmers to grow more of these magical beans that serve as human batteries. The manufacturing process also involves a lot of diversity, in that the beans come from Africa, South and Central America, but they are roasted right below the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Try this diverse brand if you want to enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee every time.


  • Complex and well-rounded flavors
  • Can be prepared using many other methods other than cold brew
  • Environmentally friendly


  • It is possible to find oily residue on the beans
  • Some buyers have reported a slight sourness which is a minor setback given the price point

7. Cold Brew Lab Coffee

best coffee for cold brew

As specified in the title of the product, this brand is specifically manufactured for the process of cold brewing. The

manufacturer has optimized the processing of this coffee in such a way that it makes it ideal for the cold brew method. The low acidity, full body flavor has that nice pop you would expect from an intense and flavorful coffee.

The Cold Brew Lab coffee uses 100% organic Arabica Colombian coffee, which is one of the highest graded coffee beans in the world. Not to mention, the crops are never sprayed with pesticides. This ensures that the pure coffee flavor remains unaltered and retains most of its quality.

The brand offers both medium and dark roasts, as well as both whole bean and extra coarse grind options. This gives you, as a buyer, many options to choose from. The manufacturer aims to satisfy your deepest coffee purist desires, even grinding your own coffee at home. So, if you are picky and have specific preferences for your coffee, this brand surely offers it all. Because this company is centered in the metropolitan city of New York, where golden standards are upheld, you are guaranteed to consistently get extremely high-grade coffee.


  • Specifically designed for cold brewing
  • Low acidic, full-body character
  • 100% Pesticide free


  • The whole bean package only comes at a size of 1lb
  • A bit of a bold taste for inexperienced cold brew coffee drinkers

8. Hugo Roasters Coffee

best coffee for cold brew

The quality of this brand served as a very welcome breath of fresh air, both in our experience with brand testing, and in comprising this list of best cold brew coffees. What makes this brand stand out from all the others, is that the coffee beans are lightly roasted. Although the usual preference for cold brew is dark and medium roasts, the light roast has yielded surprisingly awesome results for Hugo Roasters Coffee.

In fact, the coffee developed a very playful, light and sweet flavor profile. Also, the coffee managed to keep a significant dose of caffeine to make sure you are completely energized after drinking a cup of this delightful coffee. Of course, part of this success is based on the excellent quality beans this company utilizes. They mostly come from Costa Rica and Brazil. Another thing we just absolutely adore about this brand is its humanitarian nature. Namely, the company donates a meal to a hungry shelter dog, for every bag of coffee sold. So, if you want to be able to start your day with a unique and interesting cup of coffee, while simultaneously helping to feed the hungry animals, give this brand a try.


  • The company maintains a humanitarian agenda, using its profits to help feed shelter dogs
  • Interesting and light flavor profile
  • High quality coffee beans coming from Costa Rica and Brazil


  • Purists might argue that light-roast beans are not suitable for cold brew coffee

Why Cold Brew Coffee?

The cold brew method is known under different names like cold water extract, cold press or slow brewing. It’s quite a simple brewing technique that rewards you with far from simple results. The richness acquired with this method is unparalleled by any other coffee brewing technique. So, how do you do it? Instead of extracting the coffee bean flavors using hot water, the cold brew method uses room temperature or cold water. The gist of this process is that you have to let the ground coffee beans soak in this cold water for a longer time interval. While this method is quite slower than other methods, it provides you with a deep and complex flavor, while removing most of the acidity from the coffee, thus ensuring a perfectly palatable caffeinated drink.

Conclusion – Finding the best coffee for cold brew

In short, we would happily recommend the cold brewing method to every coffee lover. In addition to your coffee developing a complex flavor profile, the biggest advantage of the cold brew method lies in that it is 60-70% less acidic than hot-brewed coffees. Also, we simply love this method. So, it was our pleasure to give you our insight on the best coffee for cold brew. Give this a try! We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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